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Jiske Griffioen, a wheelchair tennis athlete, that has been in the top 8 of the international women ranking for years. Follow her Tennis career, read her blog about her training days, physical work off court and social events. Make sure you stay up to date on her achievements in high level events, such as Grand Slams, Super Series and Paralympics. 

My new chair!!!


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My new chair!!!

jiske griffioen

The 26th of february was an exciting day for me! My new SportsChair was finished and they were going to deliver it at the National Training Centre in Almere. Who's they....?

Coen Vuijck from Motion Matters, Frank Jol, Tobias Vermeulen from TobiasDesign and Paul Monden from Invacare. This team has worked with me for months, to create the best chair for my game.

Their knowledge and their passion to create the best possible solution for me has made it a real pleasure to work with them. I want to thank Invacare especially, cause without their financial support this SportsChair wouldn't have been possible. A BIG thank you for taking this journey with me and believing in the possibilities!!!

We made some small adjustments to the chair on wednesday. The chair moves different compared to my old chair, so it will take some hours on court to get used to it. In two weeks time I will play two tournaments in America, so this will be a good test case to see how I'm doing in this chair playing matches. But my first impression of the chair is very good!!! It looks very cool and I feel good sitting in it. So I'm excited to see how this chair will improve my game!

from left to right; Tobias, Coen, Frank, Paul and me

from left to right; Tobias, Coen, Frank, Paul and me