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Jiske Griffioen, a wheelchair tennis athlete, that has been in the top 8 of the international women ranking for years. Follow her Tennis career, read her blog about her training days, physical work off court and social events. Make sure you stay up to date on her achievements in high level events, such as Grand Slams, Super Series and Paralympics. 



Read about Jiske's training base, coaches, trainers and partners that make it all possible for her to succeed in her success.


The Team that supports jiske Griffioen

When Jiske is in the Netherlands she is training at the 'Dennis van Scheppingen Tennis Academy'.  You can find more information about this academy at

She started working with Dennis van Scheppingen in 2009.  He was a top player who ended his professional tennis career in 2007. His highest international ranking was 72nd. He started as a coach in 2007 at Goldstar and worked at tennis academy Amstelpark. In 2016 he started his own tennis academy. He's working with a lot of talented able bodied juniors as well.

"What I like about working with Jiske, is the challenge to find little changes to make her game better. Wheelchair tennis is a part of tennis, but still there are different things to work on compared to the able bodies players I'm training." Dennis van Scheppingen

Jiske also works with Paul Franklin, who is her physical trainer. He was a sprinter, who ended his career in 1994. He's been Dutch champion twice on the 100 m. sprint, his fastest time 10.39 and Dutch Champion on the 200 m. sprint, fastest time 21.03. He also played American Football. Highlight was the 2nd place of the Europe Cup in 1997 with the Rotterdam Trojans. Other able bodied players who he worked with are Thomas Schoorel, Antal van der Duim, Peter Wessels, Elise Tamaela en Danielle Harmsen.

"What I like about working with Jiske, is the challenge to create a training program that really benefits her tennis and trains all the parts that she's able to train." Paul Franklin


Besides her personal training program, Jiske trains at the National Training centre in Almere. The Davis Cup team, Fed Cup team and Dutch elite juniors train here as well.

Jiske works with head coach Dennis Sporrel, physical trainers Miguel Janssen en Bas van Bentum, physiotherapist Annelies van Asch and the rest of the staff members that KNLTB has located there to provide a training program for the elite Dutch wheelchair tennis players.


Bronze medal at the Paralympics 2012, together with Dennis van Scheppingen